The Stream, February 4: Smart Metering Facing Resistance

Smart water meters—digital meters that measure usage and transmit…

The Stream, August 23: The Struggle for Safe Drinking Water

This photo slideshow demonstrates the effects of coal extraction…
Droughts Hit World’s Agricultural Regions: Without Water, U.S. Corn Crop Faces Setbacks

Droughts Hit World's Agricultural Regions: Without Water, U.S. Corn Crop Faces Setbacks

Droughts have struck food-producing regions in the United States,…

The Stream, June 22: South Australia To Spend $2 Million On Campaign For Murray Water

South Australia has allocated $2 million to support its bid to…

Exxon and Imperial Oil Forced To Go Around Sensitive Idaho River Valley

Push-back on the transportation of tar sands equipment through a wilderness corridor reflects civic resistance to North American fossil fuel boom.
A coal loader eats away at a mountain of black coal at the Port of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. In 2011, the mines, trains, and coal loading terminals here shipped about 114 million metric tons of coal on about 1,000 freighters, bringing billions of dollars in export earnings.

Global Energy Demand Driving Australia's Coal and Gas Export Boom

International demand and new technologies push nation to the top for hydrocarbon exports. But massive production has also created worries over water.
North Korea Food Crisis

Differing Views On North Korea's Food Crisis

Torrential rains, heavy summer floods, and typhoons have compounded North Korea’s dysfunctional food-distribution system, leaving millions — including many children — in danger of malnutrition, according to some media outlets and humanitarian-aid groups. But others contend that additional analysis is necessary to verify the circumstances.
Japan Disaster Water Supply

After Earthquake, Millions in Japan Without Water—Extent of Damage to Water Infrastructure Unknown

Myriad obstacles, from roads to snow to a nuclear crisis, hamstring rescue and recovery missions.

The Stream, February 24: The Scale of Shale

Will Europe replicate the shale gas boom in the United States?…

Water Scarcity, Food Security Concerns Prompt Global Land Grab

Area nearly the size of France purchased, leased for food production around the world. Africa, South America, parts of Europe targeted by cash-rich, food-poor nations

Madagascar Cancels Water Deal with Saudi Arabia

Madagascar Cancels Water Deal with Saudi ArabiaMadagascar's government has ended a water export deal with Saudi Arabia because it was opposed by environmental, civil society groups in the country.

Deadly Water Surge Severs South - North Korea Ties

A river surge threatens to pour cold water over the already tense relations between North and South Korea.