The Stream, February 4: Smart Metering Facing Resistance

Smart water meters—digital meters that measure usage and transmit data wirelessly—are coming under fire from opponents across the U.S. They argue that high up-front costs and more accurate readings will push water utility rates up, USA Today reported, without any lasting benefits for most.

Water as Power
Every gallon of fuel pumped into cars requires 13 gallons of water. That central fact highlights a blog by National Geographic’s Sandra Postel underscoring the importance of the water-energy nexus in U.S. biofuel production and major transfer and desalination projects.

Where Beer Flows like Water
Beer is cheaper than water in most restaurants in the Czech Republic. But the Czech health minister is trying to change that, The Wall Street Journal reports, and meeting some resistance.

Economics of Development
Liberia’s president called on African nations to improve access to clean water in the name of economic development. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, AllAfrica reported, cited South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore as models for water and sanitation management.

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