Flashbacks to the Future

Circle of Blue director J. Carl Ganter visits his former high school and gets hope for the future.

carl ganter circle of blue traverse city central high school live fresh

Photo courtesy of Live Fresh
Live Fresh: A project by Traverse City Central High School’s Junior Achievement Class.

Yesterday morning, I spoke to a group of entrepreneurial students at Traverse City Central High School. Coincidentally, we were in the same classroom where I had taken typing in 10th grade and written articles that led me to a career in journalism.

The class that I was speaking to, Junior Achievement, had launched a business, made a profit, and decided to donate a portion of the profits to a local nonprofit.

These students did extensive research and finally chose Circle of Blue, because of our team’s commitment to make the world a better place from our headquarters in Traverse City, the heart of the Great Lakes. They contributed $84.10 + enthusiasm, next-generation commitment, and local empowerment = priceless.

Are you in or do you teach a class that is interested in Circle of Blue’s mission? What do you think about entrepreneurism and water being taught in the classroom? Let me know by emailing me at carl.ganter@circleofblue.org, sending me a tweet to @jcganter, or commenting below. Click here to sign up for our weekly newsletter. Or, click here to make a donation towards our continued work.

— J. Carl Ganter
Circle of Blue Director

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