Map: Interbasin Water Transfers in Iran

The country already has major water transfer projects moving 2,110 million cubic meters (557 billion gallons). Just two weeks ago, Iran began construction on a new $US 1.5 billion project that will transfer more water from the Caspian Sea.

Population growth and the uneven distribution of water in Iran will likely create chronic water shortages, according to a 2005 report by the National Research Council. The report also estimated that Iran’s annual average per capita volume of renewable water will drop from 2,000 cubic meters (528,000 gallons) to below 1,000 cubic meters (264,000 gallons) by 2025.

The map below shows Iran’s current water transport projects by volume and location, as well as what the water is being used for.

Iran water transfer

Infographic © Codi Yeager / Circle of Blue
Map of interbasin water transfers in Iran. Click image to enlarge.

Source: National Research Council

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