The Stream, December 27: California Closes in on Driest Year Ever

Water Supply
It is likely that California will record its driest year ever in 2013, and dry conditions are expected to continue for the third winter in a row, USA Today reported. The dry conditions are expected to create water shortages for farmers and will increase the risk of large wildfires next year.

An article published by Forbes gives a history and analysis of Israel’s water supplies. It concludes that as Israel depends more on desalination, it will also depend more on energy imports. The article predicts that these energy imports will increasingly come in the form of natural gas, not coal.

China is creating higher regulatory standards and anti-pollution requirements for some of its most polluting industries, including battery and cement manufacturers, Reuters reported. The industries are large contributors to China’s smog problem, and also release emissions that create acid rain and soil and water contamination.

European countries are making significant progress in their efforts to restore rivers to a cleaner and more natural state, Yale Environment 360 reported. Many of the projects are focusing on removing dams and restoring floodplains to reduce flooding in cities and encourage the return of wildlife.

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