The Stream, December 9: China Is Not Prepared for Climate Change, Government Says

Climate Change
Despite some actions to improve ecosystem resiliency and guard against more severe weather, China remains largely unprepared to protect its people and infrastructure—such as energy and water supplies—from climate change, according to a report from the country’s National Development and Reform Commission, Reuters reported. The commission said public knowledge of climate threats and the ability of the government to fight them are both “weak”.

There is a correlation between melting ice in the Arctic and extreme heatwaves and rain storms in North America and Eurasia, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change, Reuters reported. The study authors said it adds further evidence to the argument that Arctic changes are fueling weather patterns around the globe, though they could not confirm a causal relationship between the two. Other experts criticized the study as too inconclusive.

A new type of climate modeling being developed by the United States Navy predicts that the Arctic could be free of sea ice much sooner than is generally predicted, the Guardian reported. The climate model, which its developers say is much more accurate than other global models, shows that summer sea ice could disappear by 2016.

Water Trading
Israel, Jordan and Palestine have signed an agreement to facilitate improved water sharing in the region, The Jerusalem Post reported. The first projects will include a water trade between Israel and Jordan, and in increase in the amount of water Israel sells to Palestine.

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