The Stream, November 13: Amazon Deforestation Could Cause U.S. Droughts

Sierra Nevada snowpack could drop 50 percent if the entire Amazon rainforest was cut down, according to a Princeton study that explored the effects of Amazon deforestation on the climate of other regions. While it is unlikely the entire Amazon will be cut, researchers say the study points out important connections between deforestation and water availability in key agricultural areas like California’s Central Valley.

Natural Disasters
Five days after Typhoon Haiyan hit the central Philippines, knocking out an already fragile water system, severe dehydration is a growing concern, MSNBC reported. Aid agencies and government forces are working to not only distribute bottled water, but also to install three 76,000-liter water tanks.

Somalia’s Puntland region is also struggling to recover from a tropical cyclone that caused flash floods and killed at least 140 people, Reuters reported. An estimated 100,000 livestock were also lost to flood waters, raising concerns about food security and financial stability in the aftermath of the storm.

Indonesia plans to build 11 new water and wastewater treatment plants as part of a $US 35 billion investment in the country’s infrastructure, Reuters reported. Indonesia hopes the infrastructure improvements will attract more foreign investment.

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