The Stream, November 14: Gaza Submerged in Sewage as Wastewater Plant Shuts Down

A wastewater treatment plant serving 120,000 people in Gaza has stopped working after running out of fuel, causing sewage to back up and submerge streets in some neighborhoods, Reuters reported. An Israeli blockade and an Egyptian crackdown on smuggling tunnels have stopped the flow of fuel into Gaza.

North Dakota
The salty geology of North Dakota’s shale region means that hydraulically fractured gas and oil wells continue to require thousands of liters of water to maintain, National Geographic reported. Between 25 and 33 million liters of water could be required to maintain just one well over its lifetime.

Fresh water from Iceland’s aquifers could find its way to taps in England and other countries if a plan by Icelandic company Aqua Omnis goes ahead, Bloomberg News reported. The company wants to transport the water on tanker ships to quench the world’s thirst.

A new NASA video visualizing what Mars may have looked like billions of years ago shows clouds and vast expanses of water. The video comes as NASA prepares to launch a mission to study the evolution of the red planet’s atmosphere, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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