The Stream, November 26: More Cases of Polio Expected in Syria

The World Health Organization is expected this week to confirm more cases of the polio disease in Syria, where it is being transmitted through contaminated food and water, Reuters reported. The disease, which is incurable and causes paralysis, has already been confirmed in 13 children.

Climate Change
Residents of some atolls in the Solomon Islands are preparing to relocate as saltwater intrusion contaminates groundwater and makes farming difficult, AlertNet reported. Many legal challenges to relocation remain, such as where the refugees will go and how they will be compensated for their lost land.

Farmers in the Caribbean are testing different ways to grow crops in order to conserve water and safeguard food production against a changing climate, Inter Press Service reported. Caribbean countries are also developing more detailed and accurate weather forecasts to track changes in rainfall so that farmers have a better idea of when to plant crops.

Scientists in Australia are using limestone caves to study the infiltration of surface water into groundwater reserves, reported. The researchers say their work will improve knowledge about how aquifers recharge, and therefore how they can be sustainably managed.

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