The Stream, November 27: Water Investment Could Yield $US 1 Trillion in Benefits

Water Investment
An increase in global water investment to 2.2 percent of the world’s gross domestic product could yield a net $US 1 trillion in economic benefits each year, according to a new study released by the United Nations, AlertNet reported. This level of investment, over 20 years, would give everyone in the world access to safe drinking water and sanitation, according to the report.

What could be the driest year on record in California has prompted state water districts to tell farmers in the San Joaquin Valley that they will likely receive only 5 percent of their expected water, Reuters reported. A continuation of the drought could mean water rationing for cities in southern California within the next few years.

Hydraulic Fracturing
In preparation for more shale gas exploration in the United Kingdom, a new agreement between Water U.K. and a representative of the oil and gas industry is meant to address concerns about the contamination of water supplies by hydraulic fracturing operations, Bloomberg News reported. The agreement sets out goals for monitoring the quality and quantity of water supplies, as well as the wastewater created by fracking.

Thanksgiving Water Footprint
New technology is helping cranberry farmers vastly reduce the amount of water they use to protect their crops from frost, National Geographic reported. Farmers, who spray the cranberries with water to keep them from freezing, can now use automated sensors to more accurately apply the water and save up to 34,000 liters (9,000 gallons) per acre in one night.

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