The Stream, October 1: European Environment Agency Urges Fair Prices for Water

Water Prices
Governments should begin charging users the true cost of drinking water, including the costs to treat it and transport it, and the costs to the environment, according to the European Environment Agency, EurActiv reported. Low water prices and flat fees do not reflect the value of water and encourage waste, the agency said.

Water Regulations
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be working with less than 7 percent of its employees following the U.S. government shutdown, Reuters reported. The furloughs will affect employees who implement the EPA’s air pollution rules, approve environmental permits, and enforce water and air pollution violations.

China’s Ministry of Environmental protection has stopped projects in five cities that did not have sufficient water pollution controls, Xinhua reported. The ministry is cracking down on water pollution in an attempt to meet goals for drinking water by 2015.

New kiosks from Coca-Cola will provide customers with water, electricity and internet using a mix of solar panels and water distillers, The New York Times reported. The company is deploying the kiosks in 20 countries, with a pilot kiosk already installed in South Africa.

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