The Stream, October 15: Desalination Capacity Increases with Growing Demand

Water demand from energy producers is driving a rapid increase in global desalination capacity, Bloomberg News reported. This year, total desalination capacity is expected to be 50 percent greater than last year’s capacity, able to produce 80.9 million cubic meters of water.

Sea Level Rise
Rising water due to climate change could threaten $US 226 billion worth of property in Australia’s coastal cities by 2100, according to a leaked report from the International Panel on Climate Change, the Guardian reported. The report also suggests that indigenous Australian communities could be the most affected by climate change.

New flood gates meant to keep the highest floods from swamping lagoons around Venice passed their first major test, successfully keeping the water out, Discovery News reported. The mobile gates cost $US 7.3 billion and are expected to protect the city from sea level rise during the next century.

Public Health
A cholera outbreak in Mexico has killed one person and sickened 159, Reuters reported. The outbreak is thought to have originated from drinking water drawn from the Rio Tecoluco.

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