The Stream, October 21: Herding and Farming Water Demands Conflict in Tanzania

Water Conflict
Small-scale farmers and livestock herders are increasingly competing for water in Tanzania’s Pangani River Basin, IPS News reported. Rapidly declining rainfall levels in the basin, as well as a growing population, are exacerbating the problem.

Curbing Food Waste
Efforts to cut down on the amount of food thrown away, which wastes an amount of water equivalent to the annual flow of the Volga River in Russia, could help conserve resources and feed the world’s growing population, Reuters reported. In Britain, one company plans to reduce its food waste by 60,000 tons.

Another initiative, spearheaded by the World Resources Institute, aims to create an international system for tracking and measuring food waste, AlertNet reported.

Floods in Thailand have temporarily closed 17 factories, though the majority of industrial complexes remain dry, Reuters reported. Flood waters have been slower to leave the eastern industrial region than other areas of the country.

A tropical storm off the coast of Mexico could bring more rain to flood-hit Acapulco, Reuters reported. The storm could intensify to hurricane strength within the next couple days.

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