The Stream, October 24: Drought Hits Economies of Countries in Southern Africa

Zambia and Angola have both lowered their forecasts for economic growth this year due in part to a severe drought, AlertNet reported. The drought has affected the countries’ agricultural industries, which still make up a large share of their gross domestic product (GDP).

As drought continues to be a persistent problem in Africa, there is much debate over how to use the continent’s newly discovered underground water supplies, UPI reported. There is also debate about whether or not the aquifers will be enough to support the region’s growing population in an era of climate change.

Air and Water Quality
As China tries to fight the hazardous levels of air pollution that have been plaguing cities this month, some experts are worried that efforts to improve air quality will reduce water quality, Bloomberg News reported. Plans to build cleaner burning coal-to-gas plants, many in the country’s arid western regions, would require the consumption of large quantities of water, according to the World Resources Institute.

U.S. Water Bill
The United States House of Representatives passed a water bill funding infrastructure projects for the next 10 years, the Associated Press reported. Both Democrats and Republicans supported the bill, which allows $US 8.2 billion for projects like the improvement of shipping channels, flood management, and dam construction.

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