The Stream, September 11: Large Underground Water Supply Discovered in Kenya

A newly discovered underground water reservoir in northwest Kenya has increased the country’s water reserves by nearly ten times—enough water to supply the country for 70 years, The Telegraph reported. The reserve will be studied further to assess how best to extract, distribute and conserve the water.

Drying wells in California’s Paso Robles wine country have led residents to blame the area’s vineyards for creating water scarcity, CBS News reported. The industry insists that it takes many steps to conserve water, including the use of drip irrigation, while drought and population growth may also be playing a role in the dropping groundwater levels.

Mercury Pollution
Illegal artisanal mines in Peru are dumping 30 tons of mercury annually into waterways in the Amazon Basin, the Guardian reported. A new study from the Carnegie Amazon Mercury Project found that levels of mercury in indigenous children living near the mining areas were five times the safe limit.

A Water City
A new urban design envisions New Orleans as a city much like Amsterdam, using canals, rain gardens, ponds, and bioswales to cope with the surrounding water instead of fighting against it, Think Progress reported. Seven demonstration projects included in the plan would cost $US 6.2 billion to implement.

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