The Stream, September 16: Typhoon Hits Japan and Fukushima Power Plant

Natural Disasters
Operators of Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant released rainwater containing low levels of contamination into the ocean following the arrival of Typhoon Man-yi Monday, The Wall Street Journal reported. The storm, which first made landfall Sunday, has disrupted transportation and prompted thousands of people to evacuate.

In Mexico, two tropical storms combined to kill 22 people in the country’s southern region, AlertNet reported. Both Tropical Storm Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel created heavy rainstorms that led to flooding and landslides.

Mining giant Anglo American will no longer be a part of the Pebble Mine gold and copper project in Alaska’s Bristol Bay area, leaving a sole company to pursue the controversial project, the Guardian reported. There is speculation that Anglo withdrew due to environmental permitting concerns—the project could destroy streams and wetlands that are the spawning grounds of wild sockeye salmon.

Drinking Water Contamination
An amoeba that can cause deadly brain inflammation was found in the drinking water pipes of Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish, where two people have died in the past two years, NPR reported. The city is introducing more chlorine to kill the amoebas, which rarely affect people because they need to reach the brain in order to cause infection.

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