The Stream, April 1: Harvard Researcher: China’s Water Woes Will Continue Despite Water Transfer Project

The first phase of China’s South-North Water Transfer Project will be completed this month. Harvard University research fellow Scott Moore argues in The New York Times that despite the project’s unparalleled engineering achievement, it cannot increase supply enough to alleviate China’s overall supply woes.

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Restrictions in Colorado
Today, mandatory water-use restrictions began for Denver, Colorado’s largest water utility. The restrictions were imposed as Denver faces its most severe drought since 2002, ABC 7 News reported, which was the last time the utility declared a Stage 2 drought.

Corruption in Delhi
A research associate and founder of an anti-privatization nonprofit in Delhi argue that previous attempts at infrastructure privatization through the World Bank have been compromised by corruption. Specifically, they wrote in India Water Portal, foreign companies are often given contracts offer Delhi-based contractors, despite higher costs and inferior services.

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