The Stream, April 4: Study Finds Flawed Fish Ladders on U.S. Dams

Queens College professor John Waldman took to Yale Environment 360 to argue that fish ladders, designed to help fish follow migratory routes interrupted by dams, do not work as advertised. He reports on the results of a study of a group of species in three northeastern U.S. rivers.

Turkey-Cyprus Water Sharing
Construction is underway on a $US 550 million pipeline linking Turkey with Cyprus. The project would sell Turkish water from the Anamur River to Northern Cyprus, The New York Times reported, while some environmental and logistical concerns loom.

Natural Gas in Israel
An offshore field funneled natural gas into Israel for the first time Sunday. The development, The New York Times reported, forwarded the government’s eventual goal of energy independence for Israel.

Wetland Wonder
A 40,000 acre wetland in Mexico’s Colorado River Delta, created inadvertently by U.S. officials in the 1960s, has become one of North America’s most important wetlands. Sandra Postel explains its origins and ecological significance in National Geographic.

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