The Stream, February 28: Parallel Water Challenges in U.S. and Middle East

California and Israel have similar environments, and therefore similar water-management challenges. From drought to increasing agricultural demand to population pressures, a University of California research fellow wrote at National Geographic, the challenges facing Israel, and Isreal’s responses, offer learning opportunities for California, and others.

Dominican Infrastructure
Residents on the Dominican Republic’s north-south border should have constant, year-round access to drinking water and sanitation services once a $US 160 million project is complete. The country’s water authority announced the project, Bloomberg Businessweek reported, in parallel to a $US 85 million water pipeline.

U.S. Water Management
Two reporters from StateImpact Oklahoma wrote an in-depth overview of the state’s water policies. Covering supply and demand, infrastructure issues, and pending legislation, the report captures Oklahoma’s efforts to plan for controllable and uncontrollable elements of the state’s water security.

Hundreds of individuals, businesses, and state government agencies in Minnesota are using billions of gallons more water than they are permitted for. Violators face few consequences, Minnesota Public Radio reported, even during the state’s ongoing two-year drought.

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