The Stream, January 4: Water, Agriculture Investments on the Rise

Investors funneled more money into the water and agriculture-related green-tech sectors in 2012 than they did in 2011. Technologies that boost crop efficiency and local consumption, Forbes reported, were particularly appealing. Both sectors, as well as oil and gas, waste-to-energy, and data projects, Forbes reported, will see investments continue to rise.

Sewer infrastructure in the U.S. remains woefully underfunded. Detroit, for example, will be $US 84 billion short of the funding it needs to properly upgrade its sewer system over the next eight years, PBS NewsHour reported.

Banning the Bottle
Concord, NH, became the first U.S. town to ban the sale of bottled water, sparking a wide range of reactions in the town. Only single-serving bottles are banned, NBC News reported, but a violation will cost $50.

Water in Space
A meteorite found recently from Mars’ crust has the highest water content of any ever analyzed. The lead author on the study, reported CNN, said the rock was volcanic, and water was likely incorporated into the object during an eruption, but the precise source is unclear.

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