The Stream, January 7: Pollution Leads to Connecticut Lawsuits and China Alerts

Jurors in New Hampshire are expected to hear a lawsuit accusing two oil giants of major groundwater pollution. The trial against Exxon Mobil and Citgo, The New York Times reported, is expected to be the most complex and time-consuming in New Hampshire’s history, with 50,000 exhibits, more than 100 lawyers, and 230 witnesses.

More than 39 tons of a chemical pollutant leaked into a reservoir and river in China last month, The Wall Street Journal reported. Drinking water was cut off in one city, and residents in others were alerted, in an accident that the Journal called a reminder of China’s serious water-pollution problem.

Hidden Life

Russia, the United States, and England are drilling through deep layers of ice to uncover subglacial lakes never before explored. The missions, National Geographic reported, hope to find life in Antarctica’s deepest, darkest waters.

Marine Agriculture

A University of Costa Rica professor believes that growing food and aquatic plants on lakes in drought-stricken areas could alleviate water crises. African lakes, The Guardian reported, are prime territory for a marine agriculture conversion.

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