The Stream, June 13: Dirty Water Contributes to Child Malnutrition

Unclean water and poor access to sanitation could be major factors behind malnutrition, according to new research, Bloomberg News reported. Repeated exposure to pathogens can diminish the effectiveness of the intestines, making it difficult for children to take in nutrients even when they are fed an adequate diet.

Water Disputes
Texas will not be able to take water from Oklahoma in order to acquire the water allotted to it in a four-state compact, the United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously. The case has implications for other multi-state water compacts across the country, the Associated Press reported.

Ethiopia’s move to ratify a new Nile River water-sharing treaty, which reduces Egypt’s traditional control of the resource, has further heightened tensions between the two countries, according to Reuters. However, some experts argue that a water war will not happen, and the Grand Renaissance Dam will instead foster regional cooperation, Aljazeera reported.

India’s Monsoon
India’s monsoon rains arrived in force and are two days early this year—good news for farmers who rely on the rains to grow their crops, AlertNet reported. The rains could also increase confidence in a government plan that would spend $US 24 billion to subsidize food for the poor.

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