The Stream, May 13: Understanding Federal Tap Water Clean-up Delays

The Safe Drinking Water Act promised federal funds for state agencies to clean up dirty or unsafe tap water at thousands of sites around the country, but for many of those, federal help is nowhere in sight. Of 4,925 applications on the ‘priority list,’ The New York Times reported, some are stuck, others have been abandoned, some were funded quickly, others have stalled for years.

Ownership Debates
For six years, North Carolina residents have battled over rights to four hydropower dam licenses on the Yadkin River. Alcoa company applied for a 50-year extension on its rights to the dam-powering river water, but the vice chair of North Carolina’s Wildlife Federation argued in the News and Observer for the state to protect public water rights.

Utility Upgrades
In the next seven years, U.S. water utilities will spend $US 2 billion on smart meters. The next surge, Bloomberg reported, will happen after 2015 as 15-year-old meters are replaced.

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