The Stream, April 1: Lack of Scientific Data A Detriment to Nepal’s Water Management

Water Data
Farmers and water managers in Nepal are lacking adequate scientific data to make informed decisions about everything from local development to crop insurance, Inter Press Service reported. Nepal’s difficult terrain and sparse monitoring networks are one reason behind the data deficiency, but scientists also say that available data is not analyzed properly.

Surveyors will measure California’s Sierra Nevada snowpack today, measurements that will give water managers in the drought-hit state a clearer picture of water availability, National Geographic reported. California receives a third of its water supply from the snowpack, which is historically at its peak in April.

Water Scarcity

Approximately 20,000 people living in Myanmar displacement camps, and possibly more, will run out of water in 10 days after humanitarian missions were suspended, according to aid workers, Reuters reported. The workers, who were helping displaced Rohingya in the camps, were evacuated from Sittwe after rioting Rakhine Buddhists destroyed aid agency offices and warehouses.

Climate Change
A Q&A with the authors of the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is available on the IPCC website and at The New York Times. It answers frequently asked questions about the causes and risks of climate change, which communities will be most affected, and how communities can adapt.

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