The Stream, April 30: Beijing Raises Water Prices

Water Supply
New water rates will go into effect in Beijing next month, more than doubling the rates per cubic meter from about $US 10 to $US 25 for some of the city’s largest industrial and commercial users while increasing residential rates just $US 0.16 per cubic meter, Reuters reported. Government officials hope the increase in rates will encourage businesses to invest in water conservation measures.

As Ukraine cuts off much of the water supply to newly seceded Crimea, the region’s 120,000 hectares of irrigated agriculture—worth $US 140 million—are at risk, BBC News reported. Crimea, now backed by Russia, relies on Ukraine for 80 percent of its fresh water.

Residents in nine Jerusalem neighborhoods were warned to boil their water to avoid suspected contamination today, The Times of Israel reported. The source of the contamination was not released.

Extreme Rain
Extreme rainfall events are more likely to occur in southern England once every 80 years instead of once every 100 years due to climate change, according to new research from Oxford University, the Guardian reported. The increasing frequency of heavy rainfall could place many more homes at risk of flooding and will likely strain the region’s water management infrastructure.

More than 7 billion cubic meters of water are expected to fall in the eastern United States today, USA Today reported, citing estimates from the United States Geological Survey. The extreme rain event could bring widespread flooding, especially in the Florida panhandle.

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