The Stream, August 15: Humans Primary Driver of Glacier Melt

Climate Change
Two-thirds of glacial melting in the past 20 years was due to human-caused climate change, according to new research published in the journal Science, the Guardian reported. Researchers used computer models to identify how the role of factors like greenhouse gas emissions and land use change compared to the role of volcanic eruptions and solar variability.

Natural Resource Extraction

Government officials in Peru are trying to build community support for the Santa Ana silver mine, which was stopped due to protests over water in 2011, Reuters reported. The mine project’s owner, Canadian company Bear Creek, has started arbitration proceedings that could force Peru to pay the company if the mine doesn’t go forward.

Researchers at Stanford University have found that hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas is, in some cases, occurring at much shallower depths than previously thought and sometimes occurs through underground aquifers identified as potential drinking water sources, the Los Angeles Times reported. The study has not, however, found evidence of drinking water contamination due to oil and gas operations.

Public Health
More than 50 social justice organizations have asked U.S. President Obama’s administration to declare water shutoffs in Detroit a public health emergency, according to a release from Food & Water Watch. The groups have also asked the administration to fund the restoration of water services through the Public Health Emergency Fund.

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