The Stream, August 4: El Nino Not Likely to Relieve Drought in Brazil’s Hydropower Regions

Dam levels are at historic lows in regions of Brazil that produce 70 percent of the country’s hydropower, Bloomberg News reported. Further, rains from an El Nino weather event are no longer likely to replenish the dam reservoirs, according to forecasters, meaning Brazil will continue to rely on thermoelectric plants to bridge the energy gap.

At least 10 communities in the Niger Delta region face contaminated drinking water due to pollution from oil operations, according to a new report by Amnesty International and other humanitarian organizations, the Associated Press reported. The report says that little has been done to clean up the region’s pollution, despite recommendations made in a 2011 study by the United Nations Environment Program.

Water Scarcity
India is working on plans for 76 projects that would link rivers across the country and transfer water to areas that need it, according to the country’s National Water Development Authority, Bloomberg News reported. The goal is to increase the amount of water available for irrigation and hydropower.

Improving farming practices to reduce water use in Iran’s agricultural sector is essential for the country’s water security, Reuters reported. Twelve major cities, including the capital Tehran, have warned that they may need to ration water this summer.

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