The Stream, August 6: Water Newest Threat in China Earthquake Zone

A lake containing 49.6 million cubic meters of water has formed in China’s Yunnan province after an earthquake and subsequent landslides blocked rivers in the region, Reuters reported, citing Xinhua. The lake continues to grow, and 4,200 people have been evacuated to avoid a massive flood if the water breaks through the natural dam.

United States
Despite the ongoing, severe drought in California, governor Jerry Brown is proposing a $US 6 billion water bond measure, instead of a $US 11.1 billion measure, that would focus on the most important water supply projects, Bloomberg News reported. The state cannot afford to take on the amount of debt required for the larger bond, the governor said.

Snowmelt in Colorado could occur one to four weeks earlier than it did 30 years ago if temperatures continue to rise, according to a new report on climate change produced for the state’s Water Conservation Board, the Denver Post reported. The report expects temperatures to rise 2.5 to 6.5 degrees by 2050, depending on the emissions scenario.

Communities in Ecuador are shifting to protect their water supplies through land use management and the restoration of headwater forests, National Geographic News Watch reported. Changing how farmers manage land for cattle grazing is especially important for reducing erosion and pollution runoff that can contaminate streams.

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