The Stream, December 10: The Detroit Water Brigade Visits Dublin

The  Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

Mass protests against water privatization are again taking place across Ireland, this time with support showing up from Detroit. Construction has begun on Sri Lanka’s largest ever water supply project, and the government of Chile is investing in solar irrigation for its farmers. Waterfowl in Finland are threatened by pollution, several cities in Taiwan face water rationing, and several villages in Bulgaria were without water after severe flooding this week. Ban Ki-Moon has reminded us that there is “no time for tinkering” when it comes to climate change.

“The notion that an independent water company is necessary to have proper investment in water infrastructure is nonsense. In Britain, since privatization in 1989, investment has declined, while prices have increased dramatically.”– Paul Murphy, member of the Irish parliament, on privatization of Irish water. (Al Jazeera America)

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

Hundreds of Thousands Number of Irish citizens who have protested the institution of water charges in recent months. Nationwide protests in conjunction with Human Rights Day are planned for today (December 10). Members of the Detroit Water Brigade, who led protests against water shutoffs to more than 27,000 homes in Detroit this summer, have flown in from Detroit to join demonstrators in Dublin. Al Jazeera America

600,000 Number of people to be served by Sri Lanka’s largest ever water supply project, construction of which began on Saturday. The project will involve a water treatment plant and 1000 kilometers of pipes, and is being built with the support of the Chinese government. The Economic Times

1000 Number of solar panels the government of Chile will provide to small farmers for solar irrigation. The National Program for Photovoltaic Pumping, as it is termed, is intended to provide more reliable water for farmers. Fresh Plaza


Science, Studies, And Reports

Scientists in Finland recently published a study showing that several species of Finnish birds are facing a severe decline. The study cites water pollution affecting the birds’ habitat as the most likely cause. YLE

On the Radar

On The Radar

With Taiwan’s most important river flowing at 1/3rd of its average rate, several cities have imposed water rationing. Taiwan is experiencing an extended drought, and has received just 75 millimeters of rain in the past two months. Focus Taiwan

Tens of villages in Bulgaria have suffered a loss of electricity and/or water as a result of recent severe flooding. The Sofia Globe

Speaking at the U.N. Climate Change Conference COP 20, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed the urgency of global collective action on climate, stating that there is “no time for tinkering”. He reiterated that there is still time to limit climate change to 2 degrees Celsius, but that it is quickly running short. Reuters

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