The Stream, December 2: New Zealand Prepares For Drought with Water Cuts to Farms

The  Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

New Zealand is proactively curbing irrigation water in preparation for a drought, and Ghana is cutting electricity to factories due in part to low water levels. Brazil could face a recession if it doesn’t get enough rain, and California could lose its southernmost population of coho salmon. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is pledging billions for flood prevention, and Australia is cutting its funding to the United Nations Environment Programme. International climate talks in Peru aren’t making water a major focus, but Russia sees water as the biggest player in a climate change-era economy.

“Oil will be relegated to second place. Water will be number one.”—Alexander Frolov, Russia’s chief meteorologist, on how climate change will affect the country’s economy. (The Moscow Times)

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

$3.6 billion Pledged to improve flood defenses in the United Kingdom, estimated to prevent nearly $47 billion in damages. Guardian

16,000 hectares Farmland under water restrictions in New Zealand, where government officials are preparing for droughts associated with El Nino. Bloomberg

48 hours Time factories in Ghana will lose power every six days as the country contends with power shortages caused by a lack of natural gas and low water levels at its hydropower dams. Bloomberg

80 percent
Cut to Australia’s spending on the United Nations Environment Programme—a move the country says will save more dollars that can be used directly in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Guardian


Science, Studies, And Reports

Three inches of rain are the difference between a recession and economic growth in Brazil next year, where a drought could curb energy production, according to data compiled by Bloomberg News. Bloomberg

On the Radar

On The Radar

Water will not be a major agenda item during international climate talks in Lima, Peru, which started this week. Terramerica

The severe drought in California could force a local extinction of coho salmon in the redwood forests of Muir Woods, the salmon’s southernmost habitat in the state. Reuters

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