The Stream, February 10: Report Finds Irrigated Agriculture Could Make Northern Australia “Food Bowl” Possible

Water Projects
A 2-year federal government study assessing the feasibility of agricultural expansion in northern Australia found that up to 50,000 hectares of crops could be irrigated with water from the Flinders and Gilbert rivers and their tributaries, the Australian reported. The report findings have been challenged by environmental organizations that warn diverting water from the rivers for agriculture would reduce their recreational and environmental value.

Brazil’s government is ramping up efforts to complete a water transfer project that will bring water from the Sao Francisco River to a network of canals and reservoirs in the country’s northeast region, Reuters reported. The project was started eight years ago and was supposed to be completed by 2010, but it has been delayed and some question whether it will ever be finished.

After pledging in 2012 to convert entirely to renewable energy sources by 2020, the Caribbean nation of Aruba is already seeing cost and health benefits, AlertNet reported. Reducing imports of diesel fuel has led to lower electricity prices, but also lower water prices.

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