The Stream, January 13: China Losing Wetlands Despite Protection Measures

Water Supplies
China has lost 9 percent of its wetlands in the past decade even after setting aside several billion dollars to protect wetland areas, Reuters reported. There is some concern that the decline in wetlands, which are being destroyed by agricultural expansion, infrastructure projects and climate change, could lead to a decline in water supplies.

There are signs that drinking water service could be restored to residents around Charleston, West Virginia within the next few days, more than five days after a chemical spill into a river prompted a tap water ban in the city, CBS News reported. Residents have been forced to use bottled water for everything but flushing toilets to avoid contact with the chemical, which can cause skin irritation and rashes if touched and vomiting if ingested.

Water Protests
A clash between police and people protesting a water shortage in a South African town left two of the protesters dead, Reuters reported. Water and energy shortages have plagued South Africa and angered residents in recent years.

A gold mine being built in Greece by a Canadian mining company could help Greece’s struggling economy, but opponents of the mine say it will dry up and pollute water supplies in the area and pose health risks, Reuters reported. The mine disputes the claims, and Greece’s government has said that it will protect foreign investments.

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