The Stream, January 17: Olympic Construction Seen Behind Floods, Possible Water Contamination

Residents and activists living near Sochi, Russia say the construction of Olympic venues has increased flood risks and may lead to the contamination of drinking water supplies, Reuters reported. One house in Sochi collapsed, allegedly due to construction activities that reduced drainage capabilities in the area.

Extreme Weather
California’s governor is planning to declare a drought emergency today as more than 90 percent of the state suffers severe drought conditions, the Washington Post reported. Forecasts from the National Weather Service predict that the drought will intensify further in the next few weeks.

A report from Bloomberg News outlines some of the most extreme weather that affected communities around the globe in the past few years. From the drought that hit the United States Corn Belt in 2012 to near-record floods in Germany in 2013, experts say costly and “catastrophic” weather events are increasing.

Water Conflict
Tensions between farmers and pastoralists over land and water rights boiled over in Tanzania when 10 people were killed on January 12, Aljazeera reported. The conflicts are exacerbated by accusations of political corruption and a lack of transparent negotiations.

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