The Stream, January 2: Plastic Pollution in River Thames Is Underestimated

United Kingdom
More plastic than was previously thought is likely flowing down the River Thames and into the North Sea, creating hazards for wildlife, according to a new report from scientists in the United Kingdom, the Guardian reported. Recent studies around the world have suggested that plastic pollution is just as prevalent and harmful in freshwater ecosystems as in marine ecosystems.

The wheat crop in the United Kingdom, one of the European Union’s top producers, likely avoided damage despite rainfall over the past month that was twice as much as normal in some areas, Bloomberg News reported. Though some wheat areas were flooded, the water was draining quickly and the plants are in a dormant state.

Water Supplies
After four years under a boil-water advisory, residents of an island in American Samoa will be getting water from an improved well system and will no longer need to buy bottled water or boil their well water, Radio New Zealand International reported. The advisories were put in place after e-coli was found in local supplies of well water.

Water Conservation
National Geographic suggests four different “water resolutions” for the new year aimed at reducing personal water footprints. Beyond taking shorter showers, the list includes recommendations about food consumption, lawn watering and supporting water-conscious companies.

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