The Stream, January 27: UK’s Environmental Regulation Overhaul Affects 73 Percent of Rules

In an effort to cut red tape for businesses, 73 percent of the United Kingdom’s environmental rules are being changed or removed, the Guardian reported. The overhaul is expected to save businesses $US 1.6 billion over five years.

After achieving record grain production in 2013, China aims to become completely self-sufficient for its grain supplies, Xinhua reported, citing agricultural officials. However, the officials recognized soil and water pollution, as well as water scarcity, as major challenges to meeting this goal.

The growth of “megacities”—cities that are home to 15 million or more people—requires more planning to ensure economic and environmental sustainability, according to panels that addressed the topic at the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Bloomberg News reported. Estimates from the United Nations predict that there will be 35 megacities in the world by 2025.

Drinking Water

A lack of cleaning and maintenance has resulted in troubling water quality results from aging rooftop water towers that provide drinking water for many residents of New York City, The New York Times reported. Tests conducted by the Times found bacteria like E. coli and coliform in several of these rooftop tanks.

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