The Stream, January 6: Water Contamination from Drilling Underestimated

Water Contamination
Water pollution caused by natural gas and oil drilling operations may be more common than advertised, with cases confirmed in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and West Virginia, according to an Associated Press review of complaints submitted to the states. The review also found that the states varied greatly in the way they reported possible contamination problems.

Leaks of radioactive water continue at Japan’s damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant, with 225 tons released on December 24, RT reported. The plant’s operator plans to tackle some of the leaks by cutting off underground tunnels from some of site’s buildings and cleaning them out this spring.

A severe drought caused in part by failed monsoon rains has been aggravated by Australia’s hottest year on record, Reuters reported. Heatwaves continue on the continent, drying up water supplies and leaving little feed for the cattle industry in Queensland.

China plans to increase its spending on water conservation projects in 2014 after spending $US 73 billion on such projects in 2013, Bloomberg News reported. The country is also ramping up plans for more reservoirs and water diversions after starting water deliveries from a section of the massive South-North water diversion project in December.

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