The Stream, January 9: Asia Factories Improve Water Efficiency

Some manufacturers are beginning to improve the water and energy efficiency of their Asian factories to save money and resources, even though government regulations often do not require the changes, The New York Times reported. An Intel factory in Vietnam, for example, is planning improvements that will reduce its water consumption by as much as 68 percent.

Water levels in the Dead Sea are dropping at an annual rate of 1.105 meters, United Press International reported. The Sea continued to drop by 3 centimeters in December despite rainstorms in the area.

Water Supply
A new bill introduced by two United States Senators aims to cut off the water supply to the National Security Administration (NSA) in California, which the agency needs to cool its data centers, RT reported. The bill comes after evidence that the NSA has unlawfully spied on American citizens, and would ban California utilities from providing services to any federal agency that collects electronic data on citizens without specific warrants.

Winter temperatures that dipped well below average in Ohio have frozen a water intake in Lake Erie that provides drinking water to more than 200,000 people west of Cleveland, NBC News reported. The intake is still providing a slow supply of water, but residents have been asked to greatly reduce their water use until it is working fully.

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