The Stream, June 5: Chilean Government Sets Date for Controversial Dam Decision

The Chilean government will decide June 10 whether to proceed with HidroAysen, a group of five dams on two rivers in Patagonia. The Santiago Times reports that the project developers could sue to recover some of the $US 320 million already invested if the government vetoes the dams.

Flood Control
A water reform law in Thailand is in legal limbo following a coup last month, reports. The country’s two legislative bodies have been dissolved, at the same time a controversial $US 11 billion flood control plan is being implemented. Many local leaders and village residents are skeptical of the plan and fear it does not reflect their interests.

Water Feud
A drought in Sri Lanka is fanning tensions between farmers and government officials, IRIN reports. Farmers complain that government weather data is vague and inadequate.

Let’s Make a Deal
Michigan’s Republican governor told the Detroit Free Press that if the city and its suburbs cannot reach a deal on a regional water system, the state-appointed emergency manager has the authority to accept bids from private companies willing to run the behemoth water system. Two companies have submitted bids so far, the paper reports.

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