The Stream, March 17: How Electric Cars Contribute to Water Pollution in China

Mining activities for graphite, a material used in several electric car batteries popular in the United States, are leading to polluted rain and wastewater discharges in China, Bloomberg News reported. The pollution has prompted China to suspend operations and many of its graphite mines, even while world demand for the mineral is growing.

A gold mining boom in Nigeria following the global economic downturn in 2008 created a lead poisoning crisis in some communities, the Guardian reported. More than 400 children have died and thousands have been poisoned by contact with lead in the air and water.

Water Supply

Crimea, which recently voted to secede from Ukraine, still gets 70 percent of its water and 90 percent of its electricity from Ukraine, The Wall Street Journal reported. The lack of resources on the peninsula could lead to further resource grabs by Russia, which supports Crimea and has already taken a gas distribution plant in Ukraine.

Amid California’s historic drought, some cities are seeking ways to build self-sufficient water supplies instead of relying on imported supplies, NBC San Diego reported. That means turning to solutions from rain barrels to groundwater to recycled wastewater.

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