The Stream, March 31: International Climate Panel Stresses Immediacy of Climate Change in New Report

Climate Change
Climate change is no longer a potential problem, but one that is happening right now, says a new report from the International Panel on Climate Change created by dozens of leading scientists, The New York Times reported. The report outlined how climate change effects on businesses, food security and public health will worsen, but also noted that industries and governments are more seriously considering plans for climate adaptation.

India is one of the countries that will be particularly hard-hit by climate changes, the IPCC report found, Reuters reported. Intensifying floods, droughts and storms will likely cause economic losses in the country’s major industrial sectors, and could affect food security.

Water Supply
In an opinion piece for Aljazeera, journalist Charlotte Silver writes that Israel’s water security is coming at the expense of Palestinians. She argues that Israel’s diversions of water from the Jordan River and its control of important aquifers and infrastructure have impoverished Palestinian agriculture and left many residents in the West Bank without access to running water.

A copper mine in Peru operated by a Chinese mining company has suspended operations after Peru’s environmental agency noted possibly illegal water discharges, Bloomberg News reported. The mine, which started production in December 2013, is expected to produce between 120,000 and 150,000 metric tons of copper this year.

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