The Stream, May 6: U.S. Releases Report on National Effects of Climate Change

Climate Change
Water issues figure prominently in the new National Climate Assessment released by the Obama administration today, which details how climate change is affecting regions across the United States, Reuters reported. Sea level rise, flooding, droughts, and changes to snowpack and water supply are already taking place in many areas of the country.

The construction of irrigation dams coupled with climate change has led to an 85 percent reduction in the size of Iran’s Lake Urmia in the last two decades, Bloomberg News reported. Iran is trying to develop a plan to reduce agricultural water use in the region, and is also seeking to establish a national water conservation plan.

Water Supply

Leaky pipes and illegal water connections are causing Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, to lose 80 percent of its water supply during distribution, according to the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation, the New Democrat reported. The city’s infrastructure needs $US 500,000 in emergency repairs.

A drought along the southern border of Lebanon is pushing a Lebanese town to access an old well that now lies just within Israel’s territory, The Christian Science Monitor reported. Access to water is just one of the potential sources of conflict along the border, where the construction of resorts and restaurants is also creating tension.

When families in Ireland have to start paying for water next year, the average bill is expected to be about $US 334 annually, The Irish Times reported. The charges would be for water use beyond the 30,000 free liters allocated to each household, and 38,000 free liters allocated for every child under 18.

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