The Stream, May 7: California May Reverse Water Flows in Aqueduct

Water Supply
Several California water districts that provide water to farms have proposed a plan to reverse water flows in portions of the California Aqueduct later this summer, the Associated Press reported. The plan is expected to cost between $US 1.5 million and $US 9.5 million and would be paid for by the water districts.

Australia should create a national water bank of groundwater supplies, according to the director of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, reported. The bank would create underground “dams” to trap groundwater in aquifers that can be carefully monitored and recharged.

Sixty-four percent of Chinese—more than double the percent of Europeans and Americans—say they identify as environmentalists, according to a survey conducted by research company Motivaction, Reuters reported. Moreover, environmentalists in China tend to be socially conservative and pro-business, compared to environmentalists in Europe and the United States who tend to be socially liberal.

A lack of rain during the past four months has left 1.2 million people facing drinking water shortages in China’s Yunnan province, Xinhua reported. The region has received almost 40 percent less rainfall than average this year, drying up 69 small reservoirs and stopping water flows in 109 medium and small rivers.

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