The Stream, October 16: Mobile Technology Helps Residents Find Water in Angola

Water Supply
A new program will allow residents of Angola’s capital, Luanda, to use their mobile phones to locate community water taps that sell water much cheaper than private vendors, Bloomberg News reported. The city is the fastest growing in sub-Saharan Africa, but many of its residents lack access to a piped water supply within their homes.

Sao Paulo’s water utility says the city will run out of water within the next month if it is not allowed to tap the last level of water contained in its nearly drained reservoir system, Bloomberg Businessweek reported. Brazil’s national water regulators have resisted allowing the utility to tap the water until it institutes rationing.

Nearly $US 20 million is being set aside by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for environmental projects on tribal lands in Arizona, with the vast majority of the money going to water projects, Arizona Public Media reported. The EPA recently allocated $US 25 million for drinking water projects in the state that are not on tribal lands.

Extreme Weather
A panel of experts will lead a live discussion on the Guardian website tomorrow about the flood readiness of cities in the United Kingdom. The UK was hit by severe, widespread flooding last winter.

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