The Stream, October 17: Peru’s Glaciers Shrank 40 Percent in 40 Years

Climate Change
Nearly 1,000 high-altitude lakes have been formed in Peru over the past 40 years as the country’s glaciers have melted 40 percent, Reuters reported. The glaciers are the source of much of the drinking water in Peru but are disappearing due to climate change, the Peruvian government said.

Declining Arctic sea ice is behind a 7-degree increase in average October temperatures in Barrow, Alaska, over the past 34 years, according to scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Climate News Network reported. The study also found that fluctuating sea ice levels are likely linked to the uneven temperature changes in Barrow, where the average annual temperature has risen 2.7 degrees.

Pacific islanders joined a flotilla of protesters in Australia who blocked coal ships at Newcastle Port to demonstrate against Australia’s commitment to coal, the Guardian reported. The islanders wanted to bring attention to climate change, which is driving the rising sea levels that threaten their countries with floods and saltwater intrusion.

Water as a Human Right
As cities around the world struggle to find a balance between paying for water infrastructure and providing access to all citizens, the findings of a United Nations delegation scheduled to visit Detroit next week will address questions about how far the human right to water reaches, the Guardian reported. Detroit has threatened to shut off water to more than 80,000 customers who are behind on their bills.

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