The Stream, October 8: Parts of U.S. Cities Could Become Unusable Due to Floods

Areas of some coastal cities in the United States could become unusable in the next 30 years due to sea level rise and routine floods, Reuters reported, citing a new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Washington, D.C., for example, could have as many as 388 tidal floods each year by 2045.

Researchers are trying to create a way to account for the non-economic costs of climate change disasters, such as the value of a lost life or a lost territory, AlertNet reported. Theses costs may account for as much as 50 percent of the damage caused by disasters, especially in developing countries.

While meteorologists say an El Nino event could still occur this year, it is becoming much less likely, Bloomberg News reported. An El Nino, caused by warming water in the Pacific, could bring more rain to the United States.

Water Pollution
Pennsylvania is seeking a $US 4.5 million fine against a gas drilling company after the company’s fracking wastewater impoundment was found to have 200 holes in its lining, the Guardian reported. The impoundment was leaking wastewater into streams and springs, state regulators say.

Water Scarcity
San Diego should adopt mandatory water restrictions to ensure the city keeps conserving water as California’s drought drags on, the city’s mayor said, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Restrictions would include stricter limits on lawn watering and car washing.

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