The Stream, September 12: London “Super Sewer” Development Approved

The British government has approved plans to develop a 25-kilometer “super sewer” in London on the River Thames, which will help stop as much as 30 million tons of raw sewage from overflowing into the river each year, Bloomberg News reported. The sewer is estimated to cost $US 6.5 billion, and construction could begin in 2016.

It could cost as much as $US 7.8 billion to rebuild Gaza following the recent conflict with Israel, according to the Palestinian Authority, Reuters reported. One of the most pressing repairs to make is to the region’s power plant, which supports crucial desalination and wastewater treatment plants and is currently operating at only 6 percent of its capacity.

Greece is considering merging the two largest water utilities in the country, allowing for larger investments in water infrastructure projects, Bloomberg News reported. The plan comes after failed attempts by the Greek government to sell its shares in the water companies.

Natural Disasters
The international community should assist the Somalia government in addressing a severe drought before it becomes a famine, according to an appeal from the East African Intergovernmental Authority for Development, Xinhua reported. Recent findings from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimate that more than one million people in Somalia are facing deteriorating food security.

Monsoon floods are spreading across Pakistan, stranding communities and prompting the Pakistani military to evacuate thousands of people, Xinhua reported. This series of photographs illustrates the severity of the disaster.

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