The Stream, September 18: Iran Could Import Water For Capital’s Emergency Supplies

Water Supply
As water supplies continue to decline in Tehran, Iran is spending $US 11 million to complete a new water treatment plant and mulling a plan to import water from Tajikistan, Bloomberg News reported. Officials are also considering stricter measures to get residents to reduce water consumption, which is much higher in the capital city than in other parts of the country.

Wealthy neighborhoods in Los Angeles are using an average of three times as much water as poorer neighborhoods, according to research from the University of California, Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Register reported. This split in usage makes it more difficult for utilities to reduce water consumption by raising prices, but a new pricing structure could help, managers say.

The city of Flint, Michigan, near Detroit has announced a large investigation into what it thinks is widespread theft of city water, mLive reported. Seven people have so far been accused of not paying for their water or helping others to steal water, but police are currently investigating 50 similar cases.

A lack of funding will force United Nations aid agencies to severely cut their food deliveries to Syrian refugees this fall, with 40 percent cuts expected by October and 60 percent cuts in November, Reuters reported. The money shortage will also cut back aid to supply water, sanitation and shelter services.

Energy and Water
In water-scarce South Africa, energy companies are beginning to plan water conservation projects to ensure supplies for the future, the World Resources Institute writes in the Guardian. Projects include desalination plants, water recycling plants, and measures to reduce pollution from coal mines.

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