The Stream, September 5: Water Dispute Arises Between Azerbaijan and Dagestan

Water Dispute
The Russian Republic of Dagestan has accused neighboring Azerbaijan of taking more than its allotted share of water from the Samur River, leaving Dagestan with inadequate supplies for irrigation, Radio Free Europe reported. Azerbaijan, however, says a persistent drought has resulted in falling water levels in the river.

Uganda’s National Water and Sewerage Corporation plans to expand water service coverage to one million more people living in the country’s capital of Kampala by next summer, New Vision reported. It is also finishing new wastewater treatment plants meant to improve sanitation in the city and water quality in Lake Victoria.

In Ethiopia, 52 percent of the population have access to improved water, but only 10 percent have access to piped water in their homes, Aljazeera reported. Desertification, droughts, and pollution are all contributing to water scarcity in the country.

Water and Law
The Texas Supreme Court will hear a court case in which an oil and gas drilling company sued an individual after he accused it of contaminating his water well, The New York Times reported. The court case will determine if the individual’s actions represent defamation, or if they are protected under free speech laws.

Water Utilities
More than 10 million homes in England and Wales, or 48 percent, are now served by a water meter that tracks their water usage and allows utilities to bill them accurately, The Telegraph reported. Households are seeing mixed results in their bills, with 62 percent of those with new meters saving an average of $US 259 annually and 38 percent seeing their bills increase by an average of $US 289 a year.

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