The Stream, July 6: Australia Proposes to Build More Dams for Agriculture

The  Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

Australia released plans to invest in water infrastructure, the Philippines called for bids to build a new dam to supply water to Manila, and Peru declared a state of emergency in preparation for an El Nino. Cities in California are raising water rates to replace revenue lost to conservation efforts. Farming communities in Minnesota are reluctant to blame water pollution on agriculture.

“Yeah, it’s too bad that we can’t swim … we live in an agricultural area and that’s just the way it is.”–Jill Fennema, a newspaper editor in Minnesota, on the reaction to a report the state released earlier this year that found rivers and streams in some farming areas were unsafe for swimming and fishing. Pollution from farms is a serious problem, but agriculture’s economic grip on the region has made residents reluctant to address it, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

$415 million Cost of a new dam planned to supply water to Manila, the capital of the Philippines. The city currently relies on a single dam for 90 percent of its water. Reuters

$13 to $120 Range of water bill increases in Santa Barbara, California, this month. As residents in California cities cut their water use, water utilities are raising rates to make up the lost revenue. Associated Press


Science, Studies, And Reports

Australia plans to spend more than $US 374 million to build dams and other water infrastructure to improve water security for agriculture, according to a white paper released by the government. The paper also outlined a loan program that will provide up to $US 187 million per year for 11 years to fund loans to farmers during droughts. Guardian

On the Radar

On The Radar

Peru declared a state of emergency in 14 regions Sunday in order to prepare for a strong to moderate El Nino weather pattern, which could bring heavy rain and trigger landslides. The emergency order is in effect for 60 days. Reuters

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