The Stream, June 16: Water Rationing Hits Puerto Rico

The  Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

Thousands of Puerto Rico residents are contending with water rationing. Australia and Thailand are facing drought conditions, hampering agricultural production. Venice is nearing the end of a new flood defense project, and Sao Paulo is updating its infrastructure to ensure future water security. Drinking water supplies in Pennsylvania were not contaminated by a chemical plant fire.

“Infrastructure wasn’t Sabesp’s priority in recent years – – it didn’t take steps to avoid the crisis. Even though Sabesp is willing to do the work now, whether or not it’s completed on time to avoid an even bigger problem is the big question.”–Pedro Caetano Mancuso, director of the Center for Water Safety at the University of Sao Paulo, on actions being taken by the water utility in Brazil’s largest city to improve infrastructure before water supplies dip precariously low again. (Bloomberg)

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

270,000 people Number in Puerto Rico that are enduring water rationing this week due to ongoing drought conditions. Panam Post

20 years Time since Australia’s cattle herd has been as small as it is now, primarily due to dry conditions linked to the El Nino weather pattern. Reuters

$6 billion Cost of Venice’s new flood barrier, which will help guard against rising sea levels. Installation of the barrier’s gates is expected to be completed later this summer. Guardian


Science, Studies, And Reports

Public drinking water supplies in Pennsylvania were not contaminated by runoff from a chemical plant fire last week, according to a press release from the Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corp. The findings come from the state Department of Environmental Protection. PennLive

On the Radar

On The Radar

Farmers in Thailand’s Chao Phraya River Basin should delay planting their rice crop for the current monsoon season due to drought, according to the country’s agriculture ministry. Approximately 80 percent of the land used to grow rice during the monsoon season is affected by dry conditions. Reuters

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